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Chetan Sharma Consulting brings a very unique and an integrated perspective to the mobile marketplace that combines our knowledge of the Telecom industry in Strategy, Technology, Markets, and Intellectual Property. We were founded in 2001 and have completed over 100 engagements with over 65 clients ranging from startups to Fortune 50. By completely understanding the full-lifecycle of an idea or an investment, the ecosystem complexities, the market differences, the companies and the leaders, and by grasping the nuances of the ecosystem end-to-end, we are able to draw up strategic plans and recommendations for our clients that yield them the highest ROI. Our experience spans the globe and we actively track and work in the biggest and the most innovative global markets in the world – Asia, Europe, and North America.


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Mobile Strategy


Our work across the mobile value-chain and across the industry verticals gives us a unique view into the global mobile marketplace. We know the market leaders and companies operating in stealth mode and as such our strategy assessment operates on a complete 360 view of the strategic questions, dilemmas, or opportunities in front of our clients. Our clients engage us for assessing near-term opportunities as well as the ones which are on a 5-10 year time-horizon.


Service Areas


Strategic Planning Market Strategy, Product and/or Service Strategy, Product Roadmaps, Partner and Channel Strategy
Due Diligence Market Assessment, Business Plan Analysis, Technical Due Diligence, Partner Due Diligence
Market and Competitive Analysis Value Chain Analysis, ROI Analysis, Customized Competitive Analysis, Market forecasts and opportunity analysis, M&A analysis, Venture Valuation
Business Plan Development

Work with small companies and new venture groups to develop fundable business plans. We specialize in technology assessment, product development planning and resource allocation, intellectual property strategies, and forming strategic alliances


Strategy Methodology


We have a very integrated approach to strategy. We strongly believe that taking market, business, technology, and intellectual property inputs into strategic initiative is essential in obtaining a long-term sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. By taking into account the various scenarios that might unfold, one is better prepared for any roadblocks and surprises down the road. Our strategy work takes a broad view of the ecosystem, the players, the technologies, the trends and prepares our clients on what’s to come. We offer actionable recommendations on how to build competitive advantage in the ever-changing industry landscape.


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Sample Engagements


A large media company wanted to do a comprehensive review of their strategic initiatives in mobile around the globe. We delved deep into the interworkings of the company and presented our set of recommendations for future growth to the senior management team.


A global mobile VAS player was looking to enter the mobile advertising space. We provided a comprehensive strategy for technology, market-entry, and partnerships.


A major advertising agency was looking to understand how it should leverage the mobile channel in its advertising campaigns. We provided strategic blueprint and roadmap of the mobile advertising ecosystem and recommendations on how they should participate to maximize the impact.


A major regional operator was looking to develop an international investment strategy. We provided strategic roadmap and guidance in establishing its footprint in a major mobile market.


A major enterprise player wanted to understand the evolution of mobile for an enterprise worker and how their products should evolve with the same. We provided a 5-year framework for product roadmap that was integrated into their strategy.






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